nothing to ask, I just admire your work and the general atmosphere you give to your blog :)

This is majorly nice to read and makes me happy. Thank you very much. All the best to you, you are awesome x

I really admire your work! Do you mind if you talk a little bit about what you wrote you dissertation on?

So the title of my dissertation was:

'How is masculinity determined and represented in Art as an expression of a society’s ideals?'

And it’s rather complex, so hopefully I can give a general idea of it in as few words as possible. I’ll just dance over some of the main points…

My initial discussion was to question the binary gender theory of polar opposites Male as Masculine, and Female as Feminine. So what I aimed to do was find find out what made a man masculine, and in what ways men were considered feminine.

To begin I discussed Ancient Greek society and how their views of masculinity are given physical presence and higher importance through use of art. A brief example would be the ever so handsome statue of Hercules in his buff. With many of these statues being displayed out in public, I discussed how they became role models for the men (and women) of the time.

Through study of Ancient Greek statues I was able to conclude a theory of masculinity for this society: masculinity would be rewarded on a point system based on how much of each of these categories you succeeded in - Virility, Youth, Truth, Power, Courage, Confidence, Dominance and Achievement.

It seemed that a man could conquer in any of these categories and fail in others as long as there was a balance of points achieved, the man will be considered masculine. How masculine a man is, will then be determined by how many more points they would succeed other men. A man would become feminine if he maintained fewer points than the average man. A quote from my piece “With the Ancients Greek, it seems they only consider what is male and masculinity is only questioned when there is a lack of its attainment”.

The most interesting point through this system to me, was that being Gay actually more than often added more value in terms of masculinity.

Feel free to ask more questions. I’m very aware I kept this brief, but I hope that makes sense to ya



Phew, okay, so I’ve been away for a week and haven’t been able to do a few of the things I planned; I am in the middle of writing an artist statement, so that should be on the way soon. More importantly, on my vacation I had a lot of time and space to think, and also to see things! And I got quite inspired, only now I have a million and one things I want to do. But hey! My next move is heading towards the facade of the “gentleman” which is something I have explored previously, but hopefully this time it will be more marketable to you guys, and maybe you can bag some of my artwork!

Hello, congratulations on your first class honours! I've been following your work for a short while on Tumblr, and I'm quite intrigued by the type of work you produce, especially some of the themes I see in your practice and I would love to learn more about your concepts. Do you have a statement of any kind? I'm about to shortly embark in my final year of studying fine art, and I'm continually interested in how areas such as the body and masculinity/sexuality are being explored within art. :)

Hello there. You’re at what was my favourite stage of university, wishing you well for your final year!
I have had several statements about the place, but it has usually been the case I had to design it towards an application or publication, so I don’t actually have a recent one for public consumption.
I’ll make sure I post one within the coming week. For now, if you want to ask any specific questions I’d be happy to answer.

Last week I graduated with a First Class honours degree in Fine Art, and now I have free reign over my life. This is a moment long awaited, where I can throw away the shackles that tied me, and express myself more freely and begin to hand over all trust to myself.

My blog will see more of this as a result, and I plan to interact more and turn this blog into something a little like a sketchbook, and make it a little more intimate for you guys, and hopefully invite you along to witness this journey of mine.