Hello, congratulations on your first class honours! I've been following your work for a short while on Tumblr, and I'm quite intrigued by the type of work you produce, especially some of the themes I see in your practice and I would love to learn more about your concepts. Do you have a statement of any kind? I'm about to shortly embark in my final year of studying fine art, and I'm continually interested in how areas such as the body and masculinity/sexuality are being explored within art. :)

Hello there. You’re at what was my favourite stage of university, wishing you well for your final year!
I have had several statements about the place, but it has usually been the case I had to design it towards an application or publication, so I don’t actually have a recent one for public consumption.
I’ll make sure I post one within the coming week. For now, if you want to ask any specific questions I’d be happy to answer.

Last week I graduated with a First Class honours degree in Fine Art, and now I have free reign over my life. This is a moment long awaited, where I can throw away the shackles that tied me, and express myself more freely and begin to hand over all trust to myself.

My blog will see more of this as a result, and I plan to interact more and turn this blog into something a little like a sketchbook, and make it a little more intimate for you guys, and hopefully invite you along to witness this journey of mine.